Walk Your Dog With Love

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Walk Your Dog With LoveLearn To Walk Your Dog With Love

Are you having trouble walking your dog? Does it pull on the leash, or get aggressive and excited when you come across other animals? This is quite a common problem, and a great source of stress to many dog owners.

Doggy Dan from The Online Dog Trainer gives five simple tips in this short video to help you to break bad habits and regain control of your dog.

If you’re looking forward to a stress free walk with your dog, without having to worry about getting dragged down the street, learn how to walk your dog with love. Be sure to watch this short video, and then check out Doggy Dan’s Free 4 Part Video Training Course. And of course, put what you learn into practice. Breaking a bad habit won’h happen overnight, with with persistence, you will get there.

Stop Your Puppy Jumping Up

yourpurebredpuppyLearning how to stop a puppy from jumping up is something you need to get onto straight away.

Puppies jumping up are a very natural thing that they do when they are little – to get attention – and in the wild to get fed by licking the Mother’s face to encourage food to be regurgitated. Showing your puppy that it does not get attention when it jumps is something that you should encourage from a very early age. Often it can seem like fun when a puppy is very small but when your dog grows to 35kg and can jump 5 foot high it is not so funny.

If you do not stop the jumping when your puppy is little then when your puppy turns into a larger dog it soon turns into a more dominant display of demanding your attention!

If your puppy is jumping up, simply turn and walk away. Ignore your puppy, no eye contact, no speaking and no touching. Continue to ignore and then after your puppy has calmed down, wait for 5 minutes and then call your puppy to you. If your puppy does not stop then isolate your puppy by either leaving the room or by putting the puppy in another room.

Puppy jumping up on visitors:

If your puppy is jumping on your visitors then ask them to do the same as described above. It may also help if you hold the puppy by its collar or on a lead until they relax – then release. If your puppy decides to mouth you then you should immediately isolate them in another room or a crate.

Puppy jumping up at you when you are getting ready for the walk:

Put the leash down and wait for 10 minutes or until your puppy is calm, then try again. This is important and although you are keen to go for a walk you should not rush it!

dogs-jumping-for-joy-12Important concepts:

It is really important not to speak – to stay calm and not say a word when your puppy jumps up. Remember your puppy is an attention-seeking machine!
Your puppy’s jumping up and space invading is not its way of saying I love you!!

Space is very important to a dog and if she can invade yours whenever she wants then she will lose respect for you.
How would you feel if a human constantly invaded your space! It is more similar than you think!!
Start as you mean to go on. When your puppy is calm then you can call her and pick her up for a cuddle
When you are ignoring your puppy keep your arms folded and walk past the puppy confidently and assertively.

The two most common mistakes:

– Inconsistency – sometimes puppy jumping up is given attention!
– People make eye contact…This invites your puppy over, so do not make eye contact, focus on something else.

Another trick that will help is to train your puppy to sit for everything! If you can get your puppy to practise lots of “sits” then her default behaviour will simply be to sit when you call her, and not jump!

For more information on puppy training then check The Online Dog Trainer for a FREE Four Part Video Training Course which expands on what we’ve covered in this article. Access the FREE Course Here.

Why Doesn’t My Dog Come When I Call?

One of the most common dog training complaints is “my dog doesn’t come when I call”.

Training the recall is one of the funniest of all dog-training exercises because we do so much completely wrong! Let me explain.

This is what we want to achieve: When we call our dog “here Bella” we want Bella to come sprinting as fast as she can to us.

Now, in order to achieve this we must make “here Bella” the best command in the world. With the best result and rewards at the end!

So here are some tips!

Never call your dog if you are thinking of telling her off! You can undo months and months of hard work training your dog to come by telling her off just once. Suddenly coming when you call could be a really bed move!
9 times out of 10 make sure that your dog has a good experience when she comes if you call you. On the 10th recall if you need to put your dog on a leash then do so.
When you call your dog to you think of coming as more of a “check in with me” than a “I am calling you to stop what you are doing”.
Use a long line to keep control of your dog if you are unsure. A long line is a piece of line or rope that can be as long as you like that lies on the ground but you keep within reach!
If your dog hates returning to the car then reward your dog back at the car with water and a small feed and things will soon turn around!

The basic formula to any good recall training is:

CALL your dog to you, then
REWARD your dog within 2 seconds and then immediately
RELEASE your dog.

In order to make your dog enjoy the experience you should learn the power of using affection and attention by withholding it and only giving it as a reward. This is one of the most powerful tools available to us and yet we get it all so wrong by giving the dog attention whenever they want and wondering why they don’t come when we call them!

All of the above are demonstrated live on video as well as how to establish yourself as the pack leader on The Online Dog Trainer.

How To Stop Your Puppy Toileting Inside

There are a few secrets to toilet training although much of the emphasis will always rest with you! Here are the facts about puppy toilet training:

Just as when a baby needs to go toilet they go, so it is with puppies – when a puppy needs to go they will go! So to start with you have to get them outside before they toilet inside. That is your job! If you fail, then blame yourself.

The best way to show your puppy where you want them to toilet is to show them the correct place. The best way to do this is to take them out when they need to go and then praise them when they go. You will be amazed how quickly they will learn if you give them an amazing treat for going in the right place. Think of it like this if the treat is a little piece of cheese, your puppy will after only a few toilets in the correct place start looking for the cheese treat saying “Hey where’s the cheese I just toileted on the grass!”

At a very young age 8 weeks or so a puppies bladder is very small and they can only hold on for sometimes 30 minutes or so before they may need to go again. So you must be vigilant.

After a meal, puppies will often need to go within 60 seconds so always take them straight outside. You should also take them outside as soon as they wake up, as their bowls will start to move and also last thing at night.

Associate a word that everyone in the house sticks to such as “go toilets” this way your puppy will start to hear the word and know what it means.

If you puppy does not go then be aware that they may still need to relieve themselves soon and restrict their movement to a smaller area that is easy to clean until they are taken outside and definitely toilet.

You should never rub a puppy’s nose in it to teach it a lesson. A puppy’s nose is 1000 times more sensitive than a humans and this will never teach them not to do it again. They will simply not know what they did wrong and do it out of sight the next time such as behind the couch!

There are lots more tips and tricks that you will assist you but these are the real basics. Take a look at The Online Dog Trainer for more fantastic advice about how to stop any puppy issue by watching videos.

Looking for Trained Dogs For Sale?

Why Would You Want To Buy A Trained Dog?

Should you find trained dogs for sale, or train your dog yourself?So you’ve made the decision to buy a dog. It’s always a fun and exciting time when you make the commitment to add a fury friend to your family. But there is so much to think about. What breed should we get? What do I need to do to prepare our home for the dog? Where will the dog sleep? Do I need to install a doggy door? What sort of food should we have on hand for the new arrival?

And how am I going to train the dog so it is a well behaved member of the family?

Well, for the final question, you have two options:

1) Get a puppy and train it yourself, or

2) Get an older dog that has already been trained.

Personally, I have always trained my own dogs, rather than hunting for trained dogs for sale, as I have reared them from pups. This means that I have bonded with them from a younger age, and they know that I’m the leader of the pack. They behave exactly the way that I want.

But training yourself isn’t for everyone. I’ve seen many people who love their dogs but weren’t committed to a training program, and now their dogs run riot. The problem could have been avoided if they adopted an older dog that was already well trained, rather than getting a puppy and letting it rule the house.

Buying a dog that is already trained has the benefits that they will already be trained not to dig up you garden, toilet inside the house, and walk on a leash without pulling. So dog ownership will be a pleasant experience from day one.

The downside though is that you miss that bonding time during the puppy phase, and that the dog will test you from time to time to see what it can get away with.

Where Can I Find Trained Dogs For Sale?

There are a number of ways that you can buy a dog that has already been trained, including:

  • Adopting a trained dog from an animal shelter. This is my favorite option as you’re giving man’s best friend a second chance. Most shelters will conduct a behavioural analysis on each dog that comes in to make sure it will be suitable to be re-homed. You can find your local animal shelters in the phone book, or just google your city name + keywords like “animal shelter” or “SPCA”. Make sure to specify that you’re looking for a trained dog. The staff and volunteers will know the dogs well and will be able to help in rehoming the most suitable dog for your situation.
  • Buying through classified ads. There will often be trained dogs for sale in your local newspaper, or online on sites like Craigslist. Usually, the owner’s personal situation will have changed such as relocating due to work, an elderly person going into a nursing home, or financial difficulties, meaning that they need to find the perfect home for their loved family member.
  • Consider a dog rescue service. This may not be the best option, but still one to consider. These dogs will often be rescued from unsavoury conditions so may not be the best around humans and will need constant care. You may get lucky, but in general, a rescued dog will require a serious level of commitment.
  • Adopt a service dog. Not all seeing eye dogs make the cut. They have to be extremely well behaved to be one of the few selected for the task of serving blind people. The ones that don’t get the job are still usually very well trained by normal standards. Other options could include customs dogs, police dogs and racing dogs.
  • Finally, you can buy a dog from a trainer. This is going to be the most expensive way to find trained dogs for sale as you’re paying for the time a trainer has invested in the dog. But you know the job has been done properly. Try googling “Trained Dogs For Sale “and your city or state name to see what you can find.

How Much Do Trained Dogs For Sale Cost?

Depending on where you get dog and what breed the dog is, the cost could be anything from free to thousands of dollars.

Someone who needs to rehome their loved one may not charge you anything, and will probably give you all the toys, bedding, kennel, etc. too, so long as they know their dog is going to a fantastic home.

Adopting from a shelter or rescue center will usually cost a few hundred dollars, which may include the cost of neutering, and a donation to the shelter.

Buying from a trainer could set you back $5,000-$10,000 or even more.

How Do You Stop Puppies Mouthing?

Have you ever wondered what the easiest way to stop puppies mouthing and biting is?

It may be cute, but lets face facts, this is definitely not something that you want to continue any longer than necessary. Being bitten by a dog is no fun and those sharp teeth can bloody hurt!

Well, I’ve just secured a fantastic new recording from the well known Doggy Dan, one of the worlds leading dog trainers, who explains the three most important steps to stop you puppy mouthing it as quickly as possible. He also includes heaps more fantastic tips… To listen to it right now. Just play the video below

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The best thing with his approach is that there’s no need to get aggressive with your puppy, which can often make matters worse! Have you noticed that the more you shout the more excited they become, and then the more they bite? At the end of the recording you’ll find out where you can find the very best dog and puppy training material on the internet that will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

How To Become The Pack Leader

How To Become The Pack LeaderOf all the questions that people ask us about being a dog owner, “how to become the pack leader” is the most prominent! This is easily the most important question, as many dog owners need to know how to convince your dog that you are in charge. The pack leader as the decision maker – where you should go for the walk, how to behave in certain situations and how to respond to all the weird and wonderful things that are out in the big wide world.

Once you know how dogs packs work you soon understand this importance, that pack leader makes all the decisions. If you leave the decision making up to your dog, then there a good chance that your dog is going to get things very wrong and make a mistake!

In order to understand how to be the pack leader, you must first recognize that the following means nothing to your dog….

What sort of car you drive, the size of your house, how much money you make or even if you’re a celebrity! Your dog would happily trade all of that for a nice piece of bacon!

Making your dog sit before his dinner falls way short of what you really need to be doing to be the pack leader.

And dominating your dog is not the way to become the pack leader either. In fact this can back fire on you later on if you teach your dog that physical strength means dominance.

So what do you have to do to become the pack leader? All dogs, regardless of breed, use the same exact ways to establish the pack leader. The best way to learn is to watch and experienced dog trainer on video, as Doggy Dan has done through one of the videos on “The Online Dog Trainer” website. The critical areas to take command include:

  • The pack leader must be in total, calm control when your dog barks and alerts you to danger. This could include anything that your dog considers dangerous and barks at in and around the property. It might seem like nothing to you but your dog considers it important enough to warn you about.
  • When walking your dog, it should not pull you at any stage, even the beginning! Learning to walk your dog properly can only really be learnt through video or with personal instruction too!
  • If you are the pack leader, then your dog should be able to relax when inside the home. If your dog is always switched on and can’t relax then it’s on pack leader duty!
  • Getting your dog to switch off is directly connected to how you greet your dog when you arrive home.
  • Lastly, your eating ritual will establish who is the pack leader.

A great video resource which I highly recommend for you to help you understand more about this topic is The Online Dog Trainer with Doggy Dan.

Does Your Dog Pull On The Leash?

Dogs pulling on their lead is one of the most common dog behavioral issues. It’s also frustrating & dangerous – especially when your dog just never gives up! It’s exhausting, and it’s embarrassing.

So I’m super excited to be able to offer you this recording by leading dog behaviorist, Doggy Dan from “The Online Dog Trainer”, on putting an end to it today. Whether your dog constantly walks in front of you, is just totally over-excited, or even yanks your arm out its socket, it’s never any fun. And it’s even worse when you see everyone else’s dog walking calmly by their side. So here’s a recording from one of the world’s leading behavioral experts, talking about exactly what to do to put an end to all that embarrassing pulling on their leash.

I know you’ll love the simple approach as it’s pleasant and gentle, and works with your dog’s nature rather than trying to physically overpower them (which seldom works)! To listen to this fantastic approach, just play the video below:

Visit Doggy Dan’s Video Training Site

When you understand why your dog has been pulling all this time, you’ll want to share what you know with everyone! I did, so that’s why I’m recommending this now. At the end of the audio you’ll also find out where you can find the best dog training program on the netthat will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Toilet Training Your New Puppy

picdump-860-23Hi there dog lovers,

Want to discover the simplest way to stop a puppy making a mess inside?

Lets face it, we’ve all got better things to do than clean up after a dog that wont go outside, and the longer it goes on, the harder the habit is to break. Sometimes what you need is a fresh approach and some fantastic tips to get your training back on track as fast as possible.

Well, if you really want to break the habit… maybe it’s time you listened to one of the world’s greatest dog trainers explaining how to set up a successful toilet training program. Doggy Dan has just done a recording for you to gain control over your potty training, which I’m pretty excited to be able to share with you now.

This recording is first class because not only does it go through the basics, but it’s also jammed packed with excellent tips and advice from start to finish.

Go To The Doggy Dan Video Website

With toilet training you can find yourself pulling your hair out one day with all the stress, yet when you make just a few small changes in your training it can be back on track the next. So don’t give up, get started now and ensure you have no more mistakes!